How Do You Remove Rust from Hunting Knives

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
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rusty knivesSo…How do you remove rust from hunting knives? Of course this information can be applied to most any outdoor knife. But, today we’re going to focus on hunting knives. With proper care rust should not be a problem on modern hunting knives but we all mistakes and neglect our knives once in a while or leave them in a sheath after being out in the rain.

There are a couple of ways your can remove the rust.

If the rust is just surface rust and has not eaten into the blade of the hunting knife you can use oil and a cloth. Just rub the blade with the oil and cloth until the rust is removed. If the rust has gotten into the metal of your knife blade you can use oil along with steel wool or fine grain sandpaper. The problem with steel wool and sandpaper is you may leave scratch marks on the blade. You will need to balance the need to remove the rust against the damage you may inflict on your hunting knives.

Do not use a power grinder to grind the rust off the blade of your hunting knives. The speed of the wheel will heat up your blade and affect the strength.

Now that you have learned how to remove rust from your Hunting knife….here are simple ways to AVOID getting rust on the blade:

1. Going on a long hunting trip? Bring a soft, clean, dry cloth with you (store it in a plastic ziplock bag) and clean your knife blade every evening. Even if you didn’t actually use your knife- it was exposed to elements that could potentially cause rust.

2. When you return from your hunting trip- clean and oil the blade before storing it away.

3. Store your knife in a dry place – be sure to keep the blade sheathed for protection.

4. If you live in a climate with summer humidity- oil and dry your knife periodically.

Good Hunting!

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